All Grow Boxes are Fully Set-up and Turn-key units . Safely and professionally wired up and ready to go!

Any misuse of box or lighting systems are not responsibility of us as they are safe units with proper use.

We ship all items in max 3 business days, don’t wait weeks just to leave warehouse from other guys.  Our boxes are pre-built and in stock, just a matter of being picked up by Fedex.

We also offer lifetime support to guide through your grow,

You’ll love your grow box, it’s a stealth garden, bottom line. It does what want it to. It comes with everything you need besides seeds.grow?

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How do i use it? A . Ask me anytime, also FULL Printable instructions available here 24/7

Will it grow? Yes, our units grow guaranteed or your money back. We’ve seen our grow boxes work, and they work well, fast and effieciently on electric.

Can use as a cloner? Yes, Our boxes double as a 6,9, or 12 plant easy cloner, and yes , it’s easy. Apply clonex root gel to your cutting, and stick in hydro set that lowryder series boxes come with. You’ll have nutrified cuttings quick as any professional cloner. If not quicker.

Will grow full plants in lowryder grow box? We suggest small plants for lowryder series, lowryder,autos or your choice small strain tomatoe, but it’s possible to grow from start to finish with any seeds  in our units as you’ll get both spectrums of bulbs with our unit, grow and flower. Allowing you to grow flowering plants easier than a system such as aerogarden which only uses the grow spectrum.

Howabout the Kush cabinet? Yes anything can be grown full in this unit but size makes it not as stealth or portable as our Original #1 selling Lowryder Deluxe Grow Box.But more yield

Whats the highest yielding box? The highest yielding box is the Yield Machine Max 4 foot grow box.  It truly outperforms competitor boxes at same price range by a long shot.  Growing with 180 watts of led power is more than enough to prove amazing yields.  Our second highest yielding is The Ultimate Kush Cabinet which is same size but uses larger CFL bulbs than our other cabinets.

How long is shipping?

Fastest shipping is done when you checkout using paypal or debit card/credit card thru paypal. Order will ship quickly and we ask to allow 6 to 10 days from order time to receive your package in the mail.

Checkout with paypal for fastest way to get your growing system in your hands.

Is site secure, safe, and discreet? Our site is ran by paypal merchant services, the same processing company that ebay uses.  You can feel safe knowing your payment is secure and backed by Paypal.com, the largest web merchant company.  Your identity is never saved, and your box ships inside a plain brown box.  No one will know what you are ordering or whats in the box during shipping.