Automated Hydroponic Grow Boxes

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Our systems beat any pc grow box and compete with higher end hydroponic grow boxes at a lower price.

Our cabinets include everything you’ll need to grow from home and yield very nice plants! Simply plug in box and your up and running immediately. Price seen is the total price you pay to your door. We’ve been upgrading our units over time to our best indoor grow box yet. We use high end material and tools, and making the overall highest quality product available. We also have more competitive prices than anyone else, and we give a Lifetime Warranty, come see why were the best around!

The Lowryder Deluxe is our top selling, most convenient personal hydroponic grow system. It works very well, and will not raise electricity any more than your fish tank. We’ve taken extra time to make the best grow box possible for the least price. We have been constantly updating and upgrading our units to what we offer now. All our units include odor blocking carbon filters at no extra cost. This is the ultimate personal herb indoor growing system. All of our units come with everything you will need to grow a garden start to finish. Including 6 months worth of grow and bloom nutrients, and 3 Growing stage and 3 blooming stage bulbs. Aerogardens and aerogardens deluxes for instance only come with vegetative bulbs and do not include the spectrum for flowering. We are honestly here to offer the lowest cost, highest quality vegetable stealth grow boxes on the web period. We’re so confident you’ll love your new stealth growing box, we offer a free warranty and Full refund /new unit option.

Our grow boxes for sale are a great option for growing fruits, vegetables, or herbs inside your home. The system is beginner friendly, allowing you to grow with minimal experience and minimal work.

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